Get started


If you would like to spin up a quick example locally you can use one of our examples.

The following command will create a new directory called fullstack-simple-nextjs.

npx create-opaque@latest fullstack-simple-nextjs

You then can install the dependencies with npm install, start the server with npm dev and open the browser with localhost:3000 to see a simple example of Opaque in action.

In-depth Walkthrough

If you prefer an in-depth walkthrough, consider following the Add to Existing Project guide.

Alternative examples

Alternatively, you can also use the following examples:

Client & Server separately

npx create-opaque@latest client-simple-vite
npx create-opaque@latest client-simple-webpack
npx create-opaque@latest server-simple

Password reset example

npx create-opaque@latest client-with-password-reset
npx create-opaque@latest server-with-password-reset

Fullstack with e2e encrypted locker

npx create-opaque@latest fullstack-e2e-encrypted-locker-nextjs